NKJN programming at Centaurus High School is mostly opt-in and relies on students that participate in for-credit classes and after school clubs to engage their peers to ensure that all students have the opportunity to continue to acquire nature and outdoor recreation knowledge, skill, and experience.


Cottonwood Institute – HS Community Adventure Program

The Community Adventure Program (CAP) will provide 30 high school students each year with a 125-hour environmental education and service-learning class offered for academic credit during the school day and on weekends. During CAP, students go on hikes, overnight camping trips, learn about and discuss local environmental issues, choose an environmental issue to focus on as a class, and collaborate with other local organizations to design and implement a student-directed Action Project to positively address the issue they chose. Past CAP projects at other schools have included flood restoration projects, wildfire mitigation projects, bike to school days, food waste projects, and organic gardening and composting projects. CAP includes peer-to-peer outreach to the greater student body of the school, including engaging peers in service projects.

Please refer to your class catalog for the course code (Centaurus High School)


Centaurus High School Outdoor Education and Adventure Program

The Outdoor Education and Adventure Program will serve 45 high school students. Through the program, youth will have access to nature/outdoor mentors and the opportunity to participate in nature-based and outdoor recreation experiences afterschool and on non-school days such as Saturdays, teacher conference days, holidays, and school breaks. The program is student-driven and emphasizes environmental stewardship, recreational opportunities, career exploration, and community service. This program is free of charge and transportation, meals, and gear are provided. The Outdoor Education and Adventure Program includes peer-to-peer outreach to the greater student body of the school, including inviting friends to join on outdoor adventures.

Please reach out to Dr. Ross or Mr. Wood to sign up (Centaurus High School)

BVSD – July Warriors

Centaurus High School (CHS) offers a four-week summer program for incoming freshmen. The program offers integrated high school curriculum, as well as skills for academic and social success. Outdoor education is one component of the July Warriors experience, including integrated science and outdoor education curriculum and outdoor experiences, such as activities at local and regional recreation areas. July Warriors will be expanding its existing program in collaboration with NKJN to double the current amount of outdoor programming to a total of 148 hours, making it a key focal point of the program. For some participants, this program will expand the interest in nature and the outdoors that was generated through previous NKJN program, while for others it will provide a new opportunity to build a connection to nature and outdoor recreation. Significant emphasis will be placed on encouraging July Warriors participants to further expand their interest in nature and the outdoors through joining the afterschool Outdoor Education and Adventure Program and to sign up for the for-credit Community Adventure Program class offered by the Cottonwood Institute.

Please reach out to Dr. Ross to sign up (Centaurus High School)

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